Sheikh Arif Bulbon :Popular TV actress Anika Kabir Shokh tied the nuptial knot with popular actor Niloy Alamgir on January 7. Before one month of their marriage, they gave their schedules to director Sheikh Runa for taking part in shooting of a telefilm on January 11 to 13. When director Runa informed their wedding news she became worried. Shokh came forward to solve this problem. To show respect to their works, after three days of getting married Niloy and Shokh took part in shooting of a telefilm under Runa’s direction. Title of the telefilm is Tomake Aar Paina. Faria Hossain wrote story of the telefilm. In the story, it will be shown that Shoma and Sajib love each other very much. Once Sajib’s fraudulence was identified by Shoma’s father. Then story of the telefilm gets momentum.While talking about the telefilm Niloy told this correspondent, “Earlier I worked in those plays and telefilms against Shokh when she was my girlfriend. Now she is my wife. In this telefilm, for the first time I worked against her after marriage. It will be one of the memorable events in my life.”Shokh shared her feelings by this way, “New telefilm in my new life. I give thanks to director Sheikh Runa as she kept full confidence on us and finished shooting of the telefilm. I and Niloy worked together joyfully while acting in the telefilm. Viewers will get something new (climax) at the end of the story of the telefilm.”The telefilm Tomake Aar Paina will be aired on ATN Bangla on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Shokh and Niloy informed that though they will work together in small screen but the viewers will not watch them together in any film now. Niloy and Shokh acted Alpo Alpo Prem-er Golpo was their last acted movie, they said. info-daily sun

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